About Us

Shaver-Ramsey has been bringing beautiful rugs and textiles to Denver for over 40 years. We specialize in only the finest – from the new premier rugs being woven today, such as Woven Legends and Miri, to an extensive selection of collectible and decorative antique carpets, as well as one-of-a-kind custom rug productions. We are world renowned for our collection of tribal weavings and textiles.

In 1976, Paul Ramsey and Carolyn Shaver brought their love of travel to exotic lands, respect for local tribal art and exquisite taste to a small storefront in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. From the beginning, Shaver-Ramsey has been known as the place for the best, the unique – not what you find everywhere. Over the years, Shaver-Ramsey has grown (the original showroom has expanded to 5000 square feet) and evolved to be one of the premier rug stores in the United States. Cherry Creek has become the upscale shopping destination in Denver. Paul Ramsey and partner Elizabeth Vehko continue to travel the world today, bringing a discerning eye to select the finest rugs available.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is unrivaled when it comes to finding the right rug for the right setting. We offer in-home consultations, delivery, cleaning, and restoration services. We also have staff dedicated to supporting designer, architect, and builder needs.

A cornerstone of serving our clients is a belief that education is key to developing an appreciation of oriental rugs and the cultures that produce them. Towards that end, we offer a number of events throughout the year.


We frequently host programs for the public, rug societies, and various civic groups. Our most popular series, “The Magic Carpet Ride”, has been offered for over 20 years to anyone interested in learning more about rugs. Paul Ramsey leads an entertaining tour of the history and ethnography of rug weaving areas, as well as discussions of the structural analysis of hand-made carpets.


We show a number of films each year relating to the culture of rug weaving areas. Films such as ‘Gabbeh’ and ‘People of the Wind’, which feature nomads in Iran, are perennial favorites.


We have been proud over the years to feature rug and textile exhibitions such as Reflections of the Past, our 30-year retrospective show and accompanying catalogue.

Institutional Ties

We have worked with museums and universities around the country in promoting the art of rugs and related textiles. Our collections have been featured in the Smithsonian Institution, the Textile Museum, and the Denver Art Museum.